Médiatudományi Intézet


Books and Reports

The publishing activity focuses on the translation and publication of the most important foreign language books on media regulation not yet published in Hungary, and also on the publication of larger scientific works created under the auspices of the Institute. In this respect CompLex Publishing House (member of the Wolters Kluwer group) acts as the professional partner of the Institute.

In Medias Res

The periodical publication titled In Medias Res, to be published jointly by the Institute and CompLex Publishing House aims to become a scientific collection space and an open professional forum where every reader interested in media regulation and other directly related issues can satisfy his/her curiosity. The periodical will pay special attention to present the different issues of the common European media regulation scheme and the results of the comparative researches. The periodical will be published twice a year (in June and December). For further information about the periodical, please visit http://mediatudomany.hu

Other Publications

The Institute publishes longer papers and analyses targeted at a specific issue and created as a result of the research activity of the Institute, as well as the research project reports and the writings created within the framework of the Institute.